Smith’s Rams tenure lasted longer than one year, but effectively, he was finished with the franchise that drafted him before his rookie season ended.

A concussion ended Smith’s first year early, and he was replaced in the Rams’ lineup by Year 2. He was traded to the Jets in 2012.

Curry, then believed to be a can’t-miss linebacker prospect out of Wake Forest, started his entire rookie year and a couple games into Year 2 before he was replaced in Seattle’s lineup. He was traded to the Raiders a little more than two years after he was drafted.

Chris Stratton (R), 4.2 percent, San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks: Stratton would probably rank first or second if we were ranking these streamers for full-season value: The high spin rate on his curveball makes him a Statcast darling, after all. The Diamondbacks’ dangerous lineup makes him Wednesday’s biggest risk-reward listing, and Chase Field’s humidor hasn’t exactly made its presence felt yet. Fortunately, the allure lies in the Snakes’ penchant for whiffing: They’re tied for fourth with a 25.5 percent strikeout rate.

He still gets caught napping and can be taken advantage of by more experienced players, but being able to switch everything with him on the floor helps the Sixers, especially against a smaller Heat team.

Of course, Fultz alone isn’t responsible for this winning streak, which started even before he resurfaced. But he has done an excellent job of drowning out historic levels of noise and impacting the game in a variety of ways while playing mostly within 15 feet. The spark he provides off the bench can be infectious, and even the level of camaraderie his flashes of success have generated could be a key factor as Philly tries to push deep into the postseason.

Penny could continue his college shine in the NFL, but the Seahawks had bigger needs in the secondary and along the offensive line, and there were worthy options from both positions before they traded back to No. 27. They also don’t pick again until the third round, where they could have found a good value for the backfield, probably Penny. The Seahawks should be in rebuilding mode, yet they went luxury. Heck, even wide receiver or tight end would have made more sense.canucks_679

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