He is strong. He is strengthening us.

“We are riding with that guy,” head coach Mike Tomlin said of Shazier.

Looked like it.

Each week during this year’s college football regular season we will highlight some of the top draft-eligible performers from around the country.

Sam Darnold was great Friday in the Trojans’ 31-28 Pac 12 Championship victory over Stanford with 325 passing yards and two touchdowns, but it was running back Ronald Jones who really led USC down the stretch.

Major League Baseball has gravity, and the force of attraction is not so much the broadcast deals or the ballparks as it is the players. It isn’t that Major League Baseball has the majority of the best players in the world.

It’s that it has all of the best players in the world — at least the best few dozen, and maybe the best 100. You might argue statistically that Nippon Baseball is (making numbers up here) 90 percent as good as the majors, and that Triple-A is 80 percent as good, and KBO 75 percent and the Pacific Association 30 percent, but all those numbers would really be good for is putting Nippon and Triple-A and KBO in context with each other. There is no comparison between any of them and the majors. Those leagues are incredibly fun, honorable, and stocked with fantastic ballplayers, but the majors are where every great player — almost literally every single one — eventually goes, and has for decades.

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