McCoy and Joseph have seen steady progress from Lynch

Limited Mens Adam Oates Jersey Why it makes sense: With the NHL becoming the first major pro sports league to set up shop in Sin City and the Raiders on the way, it would be less awkward for baseball to make peace with having a team in the gambling capital of the nation. The non-coastal West remains underrepresented in the majors, and Las Vegas remains the most popular city named when players are asked where they’d like to see an expansion team. There is money to be made not only from locals with interest in a new team, but a heavy flow of tourists as well – something not captured at far-flung Cashman Field for minor league games.

Why it might not happen: It’s still Vegas and baseball, which maybe isn’t like oil and water, but is uncomfortable for many. More importantly, the population boom of the turn of the century has slowed down significantly, and there’s the issue of where a team would play.

McCoy and Joseph have seen steady progress from Lynch, and at some point, he can match Siemian’s current floor on the way to finding his ceiling. Lynch was trying to be too much like Siemian last year, and he couldn’t compare or compete. This year, he’s in position to let it loose with his throwing and running, with the mental aspect being less of an obstacle.

That’s the difference between the Kubiak-Dennison precision passing system and McCoy. The new coordinator is better at adjusting his offense to the talents of his QB and thinking outside the box. He’s much more comfortable with freewheeling, which fits Lynch to a tee.

Limited Mens Charles Mann Jersey Consider when McCoy was with the Broncos last, from 2009-12, he had successful seasons working with Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. In terms of pure physical talent and youth, Lynch provides him with the best blend of QB skills yet.

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