Kyle Shanahan has the goods to fix 49ers — but first, foil Patriots

HOUSTON — Kyle Shanahan, current NFL offensive coordinator, is the main man as the Falcons try to upset the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. Kyle Shanahan, the near-future NFL head coach, is also the right man to make the 49ers a lot better.

That winning combination isn’t surprising given how Kyle’s present meshes with his Hall of Fame-bound father Mike’s past. Like Mike was, Kyle is 37 in advance of his first NFL head-coaching season. Like Mike did for Denver, Kyle has the smarts and shrewdness to make San Francisco’s offense great again.

Pro: Foster and Allen were the best players on the best defense in college football last season. Foster is a hard-hitting difference maker at linebacker who plays with an edge. He had 115 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and five sacks last season. He’s yet another ready-to-play difference maker from Alabama.

Elite Mens Leonte Carroo Jersey Con: It’s a rarity for a linebacker to be selected No. 1, and that list includes Chuck Bednarik (1949), Tommy Nobis (1966), Tom Cousineau (1979) and Aundray Bruce (1988). The Browns probably wouldn’t be this bold with that pick … unless they think they are getting a Bednarik in return.

From the moment Joe Buck informed the Fox TV audience that no Super Bowl team had ever blown a two-touchdown lead, Falcons fans knew.
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They wished they didn’t know. But, if they were honest with themselves, they definitely knew.

They knew what was coming. They knew it wasn’t going to end well. Because it rarely ends well for Atlanta teams in elimination situations.

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