Golden State has captured a lead in the first quarter of Games 1 and 2 with great energy.

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They just took it to us right from the beginning, Kerr said of Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals. I remember our offense was pushed back to half court the first few possessions. They set a great tone. I think they went up big right away, and so we got to be ready for that initial force.

Golden State has captured a lead in the first quarter of Games 1 and 2 with great energy. Can they manufacture that same fire without the Oracle Arena crowd and avoid becoming complacent?

There are a couple of things worth noting about this possession. The first is that Curry is the screener and Durant is the ball handler. The Warriors aren’t the first team to figure out the mismatches a 3-1 or 4-1 pick-and-roll can create, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s highly unusual for a 6-3 point guard to set a screen on a 7-footer in the pick-and-roll.

Elite Kids Corey Peters Jersey The second is the opportunities putting Durant and Curry in a pick-and-roll creates for the Warriors. Durant averaged 0.97 points per possession as the ball handler in the pick-and-roll during the regular season, which was good enough for him to rank in the 85.4 percentile. Curry, who made 46.2 percent of his catch-and-shoot 3-pointers in the regular season, is in position to pop to the perimeter and Clark, who made 41.5 percent of his catch-and-shoot 3-pointers, camps out in the corner. No matter how the Spurs decide they’re going to defend the action, they’re going to give up a high percentage look to someone in their sweet spot.

In this situation, the Spurs choose to trap Durant in the pick-and-roll and send Clark’s defender at Curry to take away an open 3-pointer. Bryn Forbes is successful with the latter 鈥?he shows just enough to prevent Curry from rising up 鈥?but he slips on his closeout and isn’t able to recover to Clark in time. As a result, the Spurs give up an open 3-pointer to Clark in the corner, which he knocks down with ease.

Draymond Green laughs at Magic Johnson’s claim about sweeping Warriors

Magic Johnson made the assertion last year that his Showtime Lakers would have defeated the 2015-16 Warriors, but he took it a step further Monday night. Speaking at event with Pat Riley, Johnson said not only would his team have defeated the now-improved Warriors team with Kevin Durant, but predicts it would have swept them.

According to Johnson, the reasoning is that this Warriors team is too little. He also said, Zaza [Pachulia], I’m sorry, referencing the Warriors’ starting center’s chances against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the paint.

Monroe called out Jackson’s decision to complement Anthony with a high-volume shooter like Derrick Rose, and another low-percentage shooter like Courtney Lee, neither of whom is great defensively.
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In addition to that, both are fast-paced players who don’t fit the triangle offense 鈥?or Anthony’s game, for that matter.
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If they’re doing the triangle, that’s a slower game and they’re going to need more spot shooters, Monroe said.

While he did praise the pickup of a player like Joakim Noah who is a fit for the triangle, that one addition doesn’t make up for all the other pieces that were shoehorned into the Knicks’ roster.

The nostalgia of the 1973 Knicks’ championship may be wearing off for Earl The Pearl and it may just be a matter of time before other Knick legends stop backing the Zen Master.

Red Sox legend Jerry Remy says cancer has returned

Longtime Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy says his lung cancer has returned.

The former major league second baseman has fought off the disease four times already, most recently undergoing treatments last winter. He announced the recurrence Monday on Twitter and told the Boston Globe he plans to have surgery after the conclusion of the team’s upcoming road trip.

Dykstra, who has endured a checkered life since his baseball career ended, made his assessment Wednesday, the day after the Mets fell to a season-worst eight games under .500 at 24-32.

Terry Collins has lost the team, and the players have no confidence. It’s pretty obvious, he said. It almost seems like he’s managing from a textbook.

Johnson, 56, is managing the Rangers’ Single-A affiliate, the Down East Wood Ducks, in the Carolina League but also has held several positions with the Mets at both the major-league and minor-league levels.
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I don’t have a Facebook account, but I heard Lenny has been posting stuff, Johnson told The News on Wednesday. He called me the other day, and he said he thinks it should happen. I have a job with Texas, and I feel good over here. No disrespect to Terry. It’s not a good place for me to comment on someone else’s job.

Authentic Mens Matt Jones Jersey The outspoken Dykstra isn’t so reticent, however, questioning Collins’ in-game strategy as well as his lineup and pitching-staff management.

This is not an attack on Terry Collins personally. He’s probably a great guy, he said. But we’re not talking about making new friends. We’re talking about winning games in the toughest city. He’s not the guy.

Patriots fans finally have power to end Deflategate, but they probably won’t

This really, really, really is … not the end of Deflategate.

Nobody’s naive enough to believe it is. If nothing else, the next act was all but telegraphed last week in the annual state-of-the-NFL press conference.

Roger Goodell talked around the idea of visiting Gillette Stadium again, about avoiding it the last two years, about the protocol of a commissioner going to a game involving one of the 32 teams he oversees.

And now that the Patriots have won another Super Bowl — their second since the day the PSI may or may not have been too low — we know almost exactly when the next chance for Goodell to visit Foxborough will be. It will be the first Thursday of next season, the banner-raising, the ring ceremony … the event he skipped two years ago.

If he shows up, he’ll get booed back into the Stone Age. If he skips it again, the crowd will shame-chant him again.

Former Bear and Super Bowl champion Gary Fencik and NFLPA president Eric Winston kicked off the program, and were quickly followed by U.S. Women’s National Team soccer player Brandi Chastain and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., who sat out much of the 2016 Cup Series season with concussion-related symptoms.

Said Springs, who played contact football for more than 20 years in high school, college and the NFL: “As we start to see the effects of football, we want to learn more. Why wouldn’t I give my brain to help with the research so people can become more educated and more aware?”

Although football has driven the national conversation about CTE, February as Brain Pledge Month is focused on expanding donations in other sports that involve frequent, repetitive blows to the head, such as soccer, hockey and lacrosse, as well activities related to military service.

Kyle Shanahan has the goods to fix 49ers — but first, foil Patriots

HOUSTON — Kyle Shanahan, current NFL offensive coordinator, is the main man as the Falcons try to upset the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. Kyle Shanahan, the near-future NFL head coach, is also the right man to make the 49ers a lot better.

That winning combination isn’t surprising given how Kyle’s present meshes with his Hall of Fame-bound father Mike’s past. Like Mike was, Kyle is 37 in advance of his first NFL head-coaching season. Like Mike did for Denver, Kyle has the smarts and shrewdness to make San Francisco’s offense great again.

Pro: Foster and Allen were the best players on the best defense in college football last season. Foster is a hard-hitting difference maker at linebacker who plays with an edge. He had 115 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and five sacks last season. He’s yet another ready-to-play difference maker from Alabama.

Elite Mens Leonte Carroo Jersey Con: It’s a rarity for a linebacker to be selected No. 1, and that list includes Chuck Bednarik (1949), Tommy Nobis (1966), Tom Cousineau (1979) and Aundray Bruce (1988). The Browns probably wouldn’t be this bold with that pick … unless they think they are getting a Bednarik in return.

From the moment Joe Buck informed the Fox TV audience that no Super Bowl team had ever blown a two-touchdown lead, Falcons fans knew.
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They wished they didn’t know. But, if they were honest with themselves, they definitely knew.

They knew what was coming. They knew it wasn’t going to end well. Because it rarely ends well for Atlanta teams in elimination situations.

Steelers in extension talks with Antonio Brown, report says

The past four seasons Antonio Brown has ranked either first or second in the NFL in receptions, and the Steelers plan on rewarding their standout wide receiver with a new contract.

Womens Patrick Mahomes II Jersey According to ESPN, the Steelers front office and representatives for Brown are optimistic they can agree to a new deal well before training camp.

The report comes on the heels of Steelers president Art Rooney II saying on Tuesday the team anticipates extending Brown, who is entering his contract year.

Youth Jeff Teague Jersey Goodell came over to Brady amidst the herd of people swarming the 39-year-old quarterback and shared a nice moment with a man he fought with for the better part of two years.
A lot happened this year, and I don’t think that needs any explanation, Kraft said at the podium on Fox. This is unequivocally the sweetest.

Brady was almost in shock after being handed the Lombardi Trophy from Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw.

There were a lot of plays coach talks about and you never know which one he will call in the Super Bowl, Brady said. There were about 35 plays that could have made this game end differently.

This year, the NFL opted not to invite eligible prospects who had previously been convicted of violent crimes, which excludes a handful of top players, most notably Ole Miss’ Chad Kelly.

This list of 2017 Combine snubs does not include those players, but rather players who were overlooked as draft-worthy prospects. Here are the 10 biggest snubs, organized by position.

Judge’s success has come as a surprise to many after he struggled in his first big league stint in 2016

Elite Youth Nico Siragusa Jersey Cool factor: After being hit by Ventura, Machado immediately knew what to do — as obvious as heading to first base after a walk. With no hesitation, he dropped his bat and flung his helmet to the side while heading to the mound. The 99-mph pitch to his ribs clearly stung, as Machado skipped a couple of steps to conceal a fleeting limp. Everything Machado does on the field is smooth, and this was no different.

Harper, meanwhile, adds a bit of eff-you to all his moves. After Strickland’s pitch sprang off his hip, he pointed (cool), flicked his bat aside (really cool) and chucked his helmet like 50 Cent throws a first pitch (not very cool).

Judge’s success has come as a surprise to many after he struggled in his first big league stint in 2016. Judge struck out 50 percent of the time in 2016 (42 times in 84 at-bats) and looked lost at the plate. He was practically an automatic out with two strikes, often chasing pitches out of the zone for strike three.

Determined to right his 2016 wrongs, Judge worked on his approach at the plate during the offseason and the results have been better than anyone could have predicted. Entering play Tuesday, the 6-8 right fielder has a .319/.419/.687 slash line and leads all of baseball with 17 home runs.

Elite Youth James Develin Jersey He has recorded a 2.89 WAR this season, trailing only Mike Trout among position players, and his .419 OBP ranks also ranks second in the American League behind Trout.

There’s no question Judge has been excellent in 2017, but can he keep it going?

Judge recorded just two roundtrippers in 19 games from May 5 to May 27 and saw his average drop from .337 to .316. But he walked 11 times during the stretch to keep his OBP high.

There’s a strong history of rookie running backs making an immediate impact ,too.

The Jaguars aren’t moving on from Bortles and that leaves plenty of room to be skeptical. On the other hand, they used their first-round draft pick on Leonard Fournette, which suggests the Jags will emphasize taking the ball out of the fourth-year quarterback’s hands.

Fournette is a 6’0, 240-pound tank who is well-suited for a role as a workhorse running back. That would be a welcome change in philosophy for the Jaguars, who finished No. 4 in the NFL in pass attempts and No. 24 in rush attempts (although, being behind in most games contributed largely to that).

There’s a strong history of rookie running backs making an immediate impact ,too.

Ezekiel Elliott was a huge reason for the quick turnaround the Dallas Cowboys made from a 4-12 team in 2015 to a 13-3 powerhouse in 2016. He was also part of a larger trend of running backs drafted in the top five who helped their teams increase their win totals:

The NFL released a statement Wednesday saying that the reports relating to Brady from the independent spotters and neurotrauma consultants stationed at games.

“There are no records that indicate that Mr. Brady suffered a head injury or concussion, or exhibited or complained of concussion symptoms,” the statement read.

The league said it will continue to work with the NFLPA to review the matter.

“As you know, it’s not the most unaggressive sport,” Bundchen said. “Football — like, he had a concussion last year. He has concussions pretty much — we don’t talk about it, but he does have concussions.”

Vick missed the 2007 and ’08 seasons after getting jailed for running a dogfighting ring out of his home.

Tavon Austin, a first-round pick for the Rams in 2013, looked like he could be a dynamic receiver who can wreak havoc from anywhere on the field. But in four seasons, he’s only caught 181 passes for 1,642 yards and 12 touchdowns.

So far, the Rams have been more committed to using him on bubble screens instead of stretching the field. Austin has averaged just 9.1 yards per reception and has only corralled six passes for 197 yards and two scores on post and go routes in his career.

Limited Womens Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey Vick missed the 2007 and ’08 seasons after getting jailed for running a dogfighting ring out of his home. He since played with the Steelers and Jets, even joining the American Flag Football League, but wants his NFL career to end where it started. Vick, who is working National Playmakers Academy to help players avoid the same mistakes he made, said he has no interest in returning to the league as a backup either, saying he had his fill.

He threw for 22,464 yards and 133 touchdowns to 88 interceptions over his 13-year NFL career. Six of those seasons came in Atlanta — his longest stint with any team — where he passed for 11,505 yards and 71 touchdowns to 52 interceptions. He also rushed for 6,109 and 36 touchdowns.

Jeff Teague Elite Jersey The 2017 draft was a particularly deep one for cornerbacks and pass rushers. The Bears could have benefited from a dominant rusher to come off the edge opposite Akiem Hicks, but failed to grab anyone in this draft who can help disrupt opposing passers.

Chicago has plenty of corners on the roster, but in a draft class that was stacked with talent, the team could have added a playmaker at the position. The Trubisky pick, and the way the Bears went about it, raised plenty of eyebrows. But only taking one defensive player despite the team’s needs and a wealth of players available helped Chicago earn the worst marks in this draft.