Matt Ryan is still on fire

Not much has changed in the two months since this story was published. Matt Ryan is still on fire. He is still the favorite to win MVP. He has still managed to retain the art of quarterbacking while letting go of the drag that has plagued him in previous years. He needs a win on Sunday against the Packers to change the perception of his career, but make no mistake: Win or lose, he has already changed the reality. — S.W.

Jordan Crawford Mens Jersey “I have no clue. We’re not where we want to be. That’s all I know,” Popovich said. “And no team is where they want to be. Maybe Golden State is. But the rest of us are trying to get there.”
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The Spurs made that painfully apparent in the first half by giving up 71 points while committing 17 fouls, which sent the Timberwolves to the line for 30 foul shots. The Timberwolves converted 29 of those free throws, including 26-of-26 to start as they took a 71-67 lead into intermission on the strength of a 41-point second quarter.

Coming into the season, the Spurs had allowed only one 70-point first half during Popovich’s tenure as head coach (Jan. 4, 2011, at the New York Knicks). So far this season, the Spurs have surrendered two such first-half performances.

He also cut down on his turnovers with only nine, with seven interceptions — one in the red zone — and two lost fumbles. During a four-game winning streak to finish the regular season, Ryan threw 11 touchdowns with no interceptions. The most important number was 11, the number of wins Ryan helped the Falcons accumulate against five losses, a record that resulted in the NFC South title and a first-round playoff bye. Read the full vote.

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