Draymond Green laughs at Magic Johnson’s claim about sweeping Warriors

Magic Johnson made the assertion last year that his Showtime Lakers would have defeated the 2015-16 Warriors, but he took it a step further Monday night. Speaking at event with Pat Riley, Johnson said not only would his team have defeated the now-improved Warriors team with Kevin Durant, but predicts it would have swept them.

According to Johnson, the reasoning is that this Warriors team is too little. He also said, Zaza [Pachulia], I’m sorry, referencing the Warriors’ starting center’s chances against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the paint.

Monroe called out Jackson’s decision to complement Anthony with a high-volume shooter like Derrick Rose, and another low-percentage shooter like Courtney Lee, neither of whom is great defensively.
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In addition to that, both are fast-paced players who don’t fit the triangle offense 鈥?or Anthony’s game, for that matter.
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If they’re doing the triangle, that’s a slower game and they’re going to need more spot shooters, Monroe said.

While he did praise the pickup of a player like Joakim Noah who is a fit for the triangle, that one addition doesn’t make up for all the other pieces that were shoehorned into the Knicks’ roster.

The nostalgia of the 1973 Knicks’ championship may be wearing off for Earl The Pearl and it may just be a matter of time before other Knick legends stop backing the Zen Master.