Smith signed with the Giants as a free agent during the offseason.

Webb, a third-round pick this year, is waiting in the wings. Head coach Ben McAdoo said Tuesday in the wake of the announcement that Webb would also get playing time this season. What those two players show the Giants’ brass will help determine what path they pursue in the spring to address the quarterback position as the team undergoes a rebuilding effort.

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There’s also the Broncos. John Elway hasn’t been very good at finding quarterback talent, except for when he signed the other Manning brother — a move that worked out pretty well for Denver.

Or Manning could go to a division rival like Washington, if it does let Kirk Cousins hit free agency this offseason. He could also choose to stay in New York, filling a need for the Jets.

However, sticking around while a team rebuilds, especially one that could be on the verge of cleaning house in the front office and with the coaching staff, isn’t how most quarterbacks in their late 30s with two Super Bowl rings would choose to spend the twilight of their career.