Mark Schlereth on Tim Tebow: ‘Are you sure you’re left-handed?’

Mark Schlereth says it’s a good thing Tim Tebow is now playing minor league baseball instead of football.
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After announcing he was leaving ESPN this week, the former NFL lineman made his first appearance on The Herd With Colin Cowherd Wednesday while Jason Whitlock was filling in as host.

It’s going to feel good for him. It’s going to be a good feeling, It’s going to be a good feeling for Oakland. But when we come here, we’re going to beat the dog s— out of him.

The best part is this quote came from the 11th annual Fam 1st Foundation Football Camp, which was hosted by Lynch in Oakland over the weekend. Even during a fun event for kids, the rivalry between the Chiefs and Raiders is strong.

To the original point, though, Peters said it’s dope Lynch gets to finish his career in Oakland, where he grew up. Coming from Oakland carries a certain amount of pride, and the fact the team is leaving in a few years for Las Vegas makes this even more special. Oakland residents have responded as Lynch had the top-selling jersey on NFL Shop in May.
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As for the rivalry, the Raiders’ success in recent years have made them a prime target for extra shots. The Broncos have their own beef with the Raiders, and the Chiefs’ professional hatred has grown as both teams have started piling up wins.

Look for the Chiefs and Raiders to really go at it on Oct. 19 as they face each other on Thursday Night Football.