The Royals, Rays, and Mariners are tied for a wild card

Elite Andrus Peat Jersey Whereas the NL wild card picture looks a lot like a potential two-team race, the AL’s is a wide-open affair. Maybe Blue Jays fans are a little preemtively hopeful at four games back given they’re well under .500 and behind eight other teams, but that’s also kind of the source of said hope. Despite how many teams are in this thing, four games isn’t all that much with just under two months of baseball to go.

Imagine, then, how hopeful fans of the Royals, Rays, and Mariners are, given the three clubs are now in a three-way tie for the second wild card spot in the American League. All three clubs are just a smidge over an even record, with the trio all boasting a .509 winning percentage. However, all of that is enough to have the group 1.5 up on the O’s and Twins, the two non-wild card teams closest to one.

Until then, he’s figuring out how to entertain himself on the farm by mimicking famous swings.

It’s a pretty good impression too. He should start taking requests while he hangs out in Oklahoma waiting for the call to the bigs. Multiple levels of entertainment for every fan.
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After Marlins Man photographs his way through the gathered crowd, he takes me to his seats behind home plate. In addition to his Mermaids, he’s bringing 39 other people to the game tonight, paying for all of their tickets. He asks me if I need a seat, cracks jokes with the ushers, introduces me to them. He knows them all by name, and they all seem pleased to see him.

Marlins Man is smiling a lot out here, energized by the lights of the park. His tone has softened, his defenses dropped a bit since getting out of the Diamond Club. He seems earnest when he tells me he likes me, and he appreciates that I’ve recorded everything on my phone so I can’t twist his words. I tell him I will do my best not to.

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